In Gowan Ring Autumn Tour
performing ‘The Serpent and the Dove’

Summer’s breeze bends the boughs; summer’s sun warms the face;  in summer’s days strewn beside tall grasses, beneath young swaying oaks. …And yet, autumn’s labors beckon – a modest adventure awaits ’round the season’s bend!   

The Serpent and the Dove’ will be released on the Autumn Equinox [September 23] through Les Disques du 7ème Ciel and we have an attendant batch of concerts to coalesce our attentions.  We assemble musicians and drivers [positions available!] to make ready for some dozens of concerts over 6 weeks’ time.  We work to present the music of ‘The Serpent and the Dove’ in the best possible spaces and have come up with some very nice situations…  (and more coming soon!)

Please see below our scheduled dates, buy tickets early when you know you’ll be there [some shows have limited seats!] , and please, be free to contact us [lune@ingowanring.com] if you can facilitate finding a venue for the dates where WE NEED HELP arranging a lovely evening exploring the Mysteries of the Garden in your general locality.

In Love and Long Summer Days…


[photo: Sven Rohloff]